Start of the Pilot phase

Start of the Pilot phase

Rome, 2 August 2022 - The project "Towards the implementation of the e-CMR system in Italy" (, launched last year by Unioncamere with the technical support of Uniontrasporti, enters the experimentation phase through the launch of a series of Pilots with the involvement of some Italian transport and logistics companies that will make use of the e-CMR for some international transport: the aim is to detect potential obstacles or difficulties realted to the e-CMR use, taking into account the operational context.

One of these companies is Riva Logistic & Service Srl, a trucking company located in Besana Brianza that uses more than 15,000 paper CMRs per year. Riva Logistic has decided to take the opportunity to experiment with the use of the e-CMR and to accept the challenge of making the first "trip" of the pilot of the Project which took place last week from the Riva headquarters to France, then followed by the other transport and logistics companies that are partners of the Project.

With the e-CMR, sender, transporter, recipient can receive notifications on the various steps typical of the international transportation process of the goods (taking charge, transport, delivery) and on the state of integrity of the goods, activating the consequent actions, for example anticipate to the recipient that the goods will be delayed or that the shipment is incomplete or start the billing process of the transport service as soon as the goods are delivered.

"The experimentation of our project, on the one hand, aims to highlight the opportunities and advantages related to the use of this tool and, on the other, to identify the critical issues that may slow down its diffusion. Thus, the chamber system wants to offer a series of elements to support the ratification process of the protocol by the Italian government" comments Antonello Fontanili, Director of Uniontrasporti.

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