Pilot phase successfully completed

Pilot phase successfully completed

The experimental phase of the e-CMR Italy project was successfully completed. Over 100 test trips were carried out, in which the e-CMR was used in hybrid form, i.e. in parallel to the traditional paper CMR. The foreign countries involved in the trips, both as destination and as origin of the transport, were: Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland.

Through regular meetings with the actors involved and the real-time monitoring of operations, it was possible to evaluate the advantages of the digitization of documents and at the same time identify the critical aspects that companies must take into account. Several recurring themes have been identified, among which the necessary greater familiarity with electronic tools and the indispensable integration with the IT environments of individual companies certainly stand out.

The next step of the project involves the analysis and synthesis of the data collected in the Pilot phase to arrive on the one hand at a quantification of the benefits of the e-CMR compared to the CMR and on the other hand to identify a series of guidelines to suggest to the Italian authorities to support the adoption and dissemination of the use of the e-CMR tool among Italian logistics and transport companies once the decision has been made to join the additional protocol of the CMR Convention.

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